University Centers of UCSD

“The Heart & Soul of UC San Diego.”



University Centers—the Price Center & Student Center—is the heart and soul of UC San Diego. Both centers enhance campus life, offering places to eat, shop, play, relax, meet, study, nap, socialize, and belong! As a student-centered organization, University Centers supports the UC San Diego community with quality facilities, services, and programs that foster and enrich the campus experience and student learning.

GOAL: Coordinate and promote university-wide concerts and events.

ROLE: Event Marketing Coordinator

As an Event Marketing Coordinator, I promoted a plethora of events that ranged from concerts to movie screenings to DIY workshops. I created marketing campaigns that catered to the student population through strategic postering, leafleting, and online advertisements.

UCEN Staff 2016-2017

PROCESS: This opportunity allowed me to work with a dynamic team of students and full-time staff. Working with fellow Event Marketing Coordinators, Graphic Designers, and Event Managers, our ultimate objective was to create and promote fun events and concerts. To effectively improve our retention and engagement rate, we would always look into our data and interact with students to better cater to their needs. A lot of our events also incorporated trending topics and the student lifestyle such as music festival prep, holiday spirit, and commuter life.

RESULT: Most college students are on social media. Therefore, many of our marketing efforts were found on various platforms. Specifically, I was able to lead online campaigns on Facebook that garnered the attention of a 17k student population. I managed University Centers online Facebook groups and pages that engage with various student demographics. I was also hands-on with street team marketing & customer service, planning weekly giveaways and raffles.

A specific event I coordinated was DIY Calendars and Bullet Journals.

This opportunity allowed me to gain event coordination, project management, and advertising skills all while further exposing me to entertainment and hospitality industries.