UC San Diego Admissions

“Look Deeper”



The University CaliforniaSan Diego is one of the world’s leading public research universities and I am a #ProudTriton.

GOAL: To effectively create a media strategy that will better illustrate UC San Diego Admissions. We hope to create a consistent, cohesive brand presence on our various digital platforms. With the use of social networking platforms, we hope to present original content that educates and entertains viewers about the UC San Diego experience.

ROLE: Media Communications Specialist & Social Media Coordinator

When I was first hired at the Creative Services Department, it was my goal to make a change and refresh UC San Diego Admissions’ social media presence. Since working there, I have helped our office grow our social following on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram. I have also spearheaded the creation of their blog, #mytritonlife. I now have been there since I was a student intern, working as a Assistant Creative Producer. Upon graduation, I was promoted to full-time Media Communications Specialist & Social Media Coordinator for the whole Enrollment Management division that covers Admissions, Parent & Family Programs, Registrar, and Financial Services.

PROCESS: I wanted to take on our university’s changemaker mindset, hoping to elevate our Admissions brand. Working with a small, but mighty team of 6, we are able to produce content that helps capture what it means to #BeATriton. From conceptualizing our AskAnAO video series where prospective students were able to interact and ask Admissions Officers questions to managing our growing online communities on all big 3 platforms, each day at the office has allowed me to sharpen my skills in project management, graphic design, content curation, community management, and data analytics. On top of that, I get to mentor and lead a group of college interns with various video projects. I have also provided my guidance to other campus departments, aiding them in their social media strategy.

I have had the chance to spearhead a variety of social media campaigns that average 30k impressions and 10k every week.

I have created a cohesive grid for our social media content. A mix of user-generated content, professional photography, and original graphics, our feed comes together to represent our campus and all the amazing things going on!

A campaign that I am proud of is #TritonMade.

The purpose of the campaign was to accurately portray the lives of students here on our campus. A lot of the content I initially worked with dated back to the 2000s. Eeek- I know, it was truly a nightmare. I wanted to give our media a makeover and actually feature our current student body, campus, and events. I knew I wanted everything in this project to be made my an UC San Diego student – hence, the title. I negotiated and worked with a campus photographer, Wesley Ruan. With my art direction, he was able to make my vision come alive.

The photos have been used for publication purposes that include both digital and print collateral. I’ve seen them featured on various social media accounts, official university communications, and in video! Through this campaign, I was able to highlight the beauty of our campus and student body.

TOOLS UTILIZED: Later.com, Facebook Business Manager, Buffer, Adobe Creative Suite, Canva