Social Media & Branding

social media graphicThe key to social media and branding is sticking to the true values of the company you are working with. To better educate audiences, brands should stick to their roots. It’s all about being raw and true, letting your brand personalities shine! We do this through social content that not only entertains but connects with audiences. Social media is such an important tool in this emerging digital world with brands pushing towards more interaction with their followers. Elevate your brand with a strong social media presence.

That’s where I come in…

When tasked with creating social strategy for brands, my first step is to dive into what the brand is all about. In order for our loyal fans to connect with us, content should relate back to the brand. I will sit down and get into the knit and grit of learning all about you! I will create a branding board that will help guide the curation of social media content. From mood board to content scheduling, I will make sure each step of the branding process will cohesively result in a strategic social media plan.

Whether you are promoting a product, an event, or even a lifestyle, there are many different types of curated content I can help you create! From flat-lays & tablescapes to infographics & promotional flyers, I got you covered.

Scroll over and click on each photo to learn more about my specific experiences working with different agencies and brands.













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