I am obsessed with all things creative and social.

With the use of online platforms, digital tools, and events, I aim to illuminate the mission and vision of stellar brands who are making a positive difference. My interest lies in the ever-changing lifestyle industry, with growing passions for food/beverage, travel, and hospitality. With all that I create, I make sure to add sugar, spice, and everything nice. You will be assured that everything I produce will have my special passion dedicated to it. All my quality creations are sure to produce vibrant results!

Social Media Strategy & Branding

When tasked with creating social strategy for brands, my first step is to dive into what the brand is all about. In order for our loyal fans to connect with us, content should relate back to the brand. I will sit down and get into the knit and grit of learning all about you! I will create a branding board that will help guide the curation of social media content. From mood board to content scheduling, I will make sure each step of the process will cohesively result in a strategic social media plan. After creating a plan for you, I will also look into your analytics to continue improving it.

Content Creation

With strategy in mind, I can help you express your brand’s story through content. Whether you are promoting a product, an event, or even a lifestyle, there are many different types of curated content I can help you create! From flat-lays & table scapes to infographics & promotional flyers, I got you covered. I have experience creating content for both my personal platforms and my clients’ professional accounts.

Community Management

What’s a social media strategy if you don’t keep up with your audience? As a social media manager, creating and curating isn’t the most important thing to do. Communicating with your audience is essential in order to grow! I can help you present the best customer service by providing fast, thoughtful responses and giving any aid when needed. I hope to effectively work with your audience to continue to improve your brand.


Need clever copy for your next Instagram post? Need a blog post for your business blog? I have written for a variety of platforms on a multitude of topics. Fun Fact: I have written a theater production before! I can you provide you anything from press releases to even Buzzfeed quizzes. You name it!

Graphic Design

Whether you need a flyer to advertise your event or social media assets to match your brand, I can create a design for you that will truly represent you visually.

Event Coordination

Let’s take a step back from digital! Events are a perfect way to connect with others. I love seeing the smile on people’s faces after organizing a successful event. I have experience with large-scale event planning, such as formals, workshops, social mixers, benefit concerts, meetings, work retreats, etc. I love working in groups to create memorable, fun, and informative programs. Events are the perfect way to not only connect, but promote your brand.

Public Relations

I hope to continue to build my relationships with local media and bloggers while elevating your brand. Got a new product that needs extra publicity? Have an event you want to promote in print? I can help feature your brand on traditional media outlets and participate in creative influencer engagements.

Made with love, always