Constantly Creating

and I 💖 it.

I am always looking for new ways to keep my creative juices flowing. Outside of work, I enjoy working on personal branding, video production, podcasting, calligraphy, doodling, and even songwriting. I’ve always been a creative soul.

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Give Them A Look


Pagasa is the first Pilipin@ Catholic organization at UC San Diego. Founded with the goal to create a safe space for students to explore their faith and values, Pagasa continues to grow as an organization. As Founder and past President of the organization, I was in charge of branding Pagasa’s mission, vision, and visual aesthetic.

ROLE: Founder

Sarap Trip

Sarap Trip started due to my love for all things masarap! “Masarap” is the Filipino word for yummy, delicious, scrumptious, appetizing — you get the deal. Sarap Trip is a platform to share my various adventures with food and beyond. A wanderlustful soul with a curious mind, Sarap Trip aims to share the everyday wonders of diving into a warm meal or exploring new, unfamiliar surroundings.

Role: Founder & Contributor

Growing Up Productions

Our mission at Growing Up Productions is to create a sense of nostalgia by sharing stories of the people to the limelight. Growing Up Productions is a Southern California based production company, specializing in video and podcast production.

Our podcast, “Growing Up Pinoy” takes on topics like love and family, as well as sex and drugs, packaged together with raw, unrestrained discussion.

Role: Marketing Communications Director

“I was created to create”