Out & About Communications

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Out & About Communications is a San Diego-based digital marketing agency that began in 2013 with the insatiable desire to help businesses grow by amplifying their messages.

GOAL: Create effective social media strategy by defining voice, brainstorming cohesive design aesthetic, and establishing posting strategies. Furthermore, create a text-based social media campaign to share on platforms.

Role: Digital Communications Intern

During my time with Out & About Communications, I was able to dive into content creation. My primary job was to help create social content that would better amplify their story.

Process: In order to create a strategy, I had to sit down and learn more about the brand. During the first few months of this project, I was able to hear more about Out & About story’s and look closely into what makes them unique. From sitting in on team meetings to researching their unique, growing list of clients, I learned all things Out & About to get a general feel of the brand.

First things first, I created a mood board that guided me during this process. The mood board works as a quick, visual summary of the brand. It includes their official colors, mission, and photos that represent their target market, location, and company culture.

I also inducted intensive research around other agencies that share their similar goals and how they engage with their audiences on social media.

RESULTS: With my new knowledge and experience, I ideated a social strategy that stays true to its mission and vision. The content shared on their platform would focus on digital marketing knowledge all while sharing their warm company culture to their followers. Out & About strives to use their platforms to educate businesses how they can leverage digital marketing to make their company grow. At the same time, they want their followers to get a glance of their lifestyle. Of course, we have to stay true to the Out & About look and feel.

Using Adobe Creative Suite, I designed content for Out & About’s blog and social media platforms. A specific campaign I worked on was Out & About Digital Tips

The Digital Tips series is dedicated to giving their audience tips and tricks for digital marketing, SEO, website development, and blogging.

TOOLS UTILIZED: Adobe Illustrator