Ocean Spray is a “grower owned” company since 1930 that focuses on harvesting fresh cranberries and grapefruits to everyday snacks and juices for the whole family.

GOAL: To bring Ocean Spray in the radar of millennial consumers. To shape Ocean Spray’s history and cooperative structure into something relevant to millennial consumers.

ROLE: Public Relations Strategist

As a Public Relations Strategist, it was my goal to conceptualize public relations and media strategies that can elevate Ocean Spray to target a millennial audience.

PROCESS: A lot of research was put into understanding Ocean Spray’s mission and vision for this new strategy. With the main issue of Ocean Spray not gaining popularity among older millennials, their household penetration, brand equity, and sales were all at a low. In order to effectively communicate Ocean Spray’s story, we first needed to understand older millennials and how they think. By doing so, we were able to conceptualize strategies that best cater to this group.

RESULT: We created a campaign that embraces and leverages the “all-in” spirit found in Ocean Spray’s commitment to their farmers and to sustainable practices. With our campaign emphasizing the devotion behind Ocean Spray products, Ocean Spray will empower millennials to give their all in all things they do – “Chose 100.” The “Chose 100” campaign aims to inspire consumers to give their 100 to Ocean Spray because of the dedication they have in sustainability, social responsibility, and product quality. “Choose 100” calls consumers to feel inspired to give their support to Ocean Spray all while striving to live more compassionate, conscientious lives.

Our strategy is centered around

salience, differentiation, meaningfulness

My role was dedicated towards creating media buzz around Ocean Spray by creating brand activations which included a PR relabeling event, pop-up bar, and environmental initiative.

With this campaign, UC San Diego Adwave placed third at the district level of the National Student Advertising Competition.