Fashion Quarterly

“Celebrating the intersection of style, art, and design.”


Founded ten years ago at UC San Diego, Fashion Quarterly is a entirely student-run organization, composed from a talented array of writers, artists, and designers who all share the same vision: to create the content that they want to see instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

GOAL: Create events to raise awareness of the organization and magazine, fundraise for efforts, and bring the team closer together.

ROLE: Event-Planning Associate

On the team, I was the social butterfly dedicated to connecting our magazine to others, connecting our team together, and connecting our efforts to sponsors. My main project was to plan the annual launch party of the magazine. When I was working with Fashion Quarterly, we were on our 14th edition! It was my job to plan a launch party that also introduces our audience to our recent re-brand. After a long hiatus, this was the year we were coming back to the fashion and lifestyle scene.

Fashion Quarterly Staff 2017-2018

PROCESS: Being a student-run publication, our lack of funds was a roadblock in planning. With the implementation of various fundraisers and negotiating with on-campus vendors, we were able to secure an on-campus venue. I worked with University Centers to create a plan for promotion and day-of festivities.

RESULT: Our Launch Party was held at the Loft at UC San Diego. We offered a variety of activities for our guests to enjoy. From DIY Pins to raffle prizes, our guests were entertained all night long. We offered a delicious selection for dinner that included flatbreads, nachos, cheese, and crackers. A DJ was hired to keep the crowd pumped for the rest of the night.

It was an amazing experience being a part of a magazine team. Check out our 14th issue down below!