Hola! Don’t know about you but, I’ve been having major tropical travel withdrawals. Missing the days lounging around on the beach, letting my skin glow with a Piña Colada in hand. Although San Diego has gorgeous beaches and exciting nightlife, I truly miss my time in Los Cabo. A month ago, I started my vacation […]


Ahhhh summer road trips! It’s finally my favorite time of the year to travel. The weather in California is beautiful right now, being the perfect time to explore. I grew up a NorCal girl. All I knew was the Bay until moving down to San Diego for college. I’d like to say I am a […]

San Diego in Bloom

Spring has sprung! It’s my favorite season of the year and you can tell from all the blooms popping up. I am such a huge fan of flowers, with this superbloom being an ultimate dream for me. California is finally out of the drought and this has resulted in beautiful fields of flowers everywhere. Whether […]

Hustle & Bustle of the City: A New York Travel Diary

So is a New York trip going to be an annual thing now? I’m down. It was great to be back on the East Coast. About a year ago, I had my first trip to the Big Apple. Ever since, every trip back has been so refreshing. The first time I visited New York, I […]


Ahhhh, the Pacific Northwest. This trip will be something I will always reminisce about. There’s just something about the environment up there that is so refreshing. Maybe it’s the green that you see wherever you go. With the lush trees and blooming flowers all over the city, I can’t help but fully embrace the beauty […]

Adventures in the Southwest: A Utah & Arizona Travel Diary

If I’m being honest, I never really enjoyed road trips. Maybe because the only road trips I’ve ever been on were from San Francisco to San Diego. The scenery isn’t that appealing. Unless you’re on Pacific Highway 1 (a beauty, truly). My family hasn’t been on a big road trip since I was a little, […]

Chillin’ in the Windy City: A Chicago Travel Diary

Happy Holidays everyone! I am back with a new travel diary. This Fall Quarter was a mess with me all over the place, trying to balance everything. If you didn’t know, I am actually in my last year of college! This quarter was dedicated to finishing some of my last general ed classes (thank god, […]

Desert Getaway: A Joshua Tree Travel Diary

Hello y’all! It’s been a good minute since I’ve posted something on here. These past few weeks have been super hectic for me due to my summer classes, internship, and room remodel. I’ve been up on my feet and on-the-go. I feel like ever since coming back from studying abroad, I’ve had such a major […]

10 Things I Learned from Studying Abroad

Back at it again with a study abroad post! Hang in there with me, friends. I’m at a high right now and I just need this blog as a way for me express myself and my experiences. A lot of loved ones have also been asking me to share my experiences, so I am back! […]

Paris, Je t’aime: My Study Abroad Experience

Five weeks is a pretty long time. It’s enough to learn and adapt to a new lifestyle. It’s enough to grow and change. It’s enough to fall in love. With a place, that is. At the moment, I am on a plane heading back halfway around the world. I am feeling pretty bittersweet. It’s been […]