Hang In There, Buddy

Adulting is hard stuff, but it’s not impossible. It’s truly a process that I myself am still trying to understand and get a hang of. I, of course, am no expert. I have only scraped the surface of this ongoing adventure called life. There’s so much life to live every. single. day. You see, it’sContinue reading “Hang In There, Buddy”

My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams: Celebrating My Filipino American Culture

With today being November 1, Filipinx American History Month is officially over. However, I celebrate the diverse experiences of my people everyday. I am learning more about my identity everyday. I embrace my culture everyday. October was just a little extra special. For those of you who do not know: I am a Filipina AmericanContinue reading “My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams: Celebrating My Filipino American Culture”

(Actually) Adulting

Hello world! I’m back. As I am typing this, I am in my new bedroom spending my Friday night with my essential oil diffuser on while listening to Asian Boss Girl’s “Mastering the Art of Adulting” through my vinyl player’s speaker. Wow, there are so many things I want to reflect on that has happenedContinue reading “(Actually) Adulting”


Hello everyone! We have made it. Since my last personal anecdote, a lot has changed. It’s been 4 months into post-grad! Surprisingly, I’m doing just fine. It’s all fine 🙂 With commencement over, my full-time job continuing on, and groups of my classmates starting to move away from San Diego, I decided this was theContinue reading “THAT POST-GRAD THING”

goodbye college, hello post-grad

Hello everyone! I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Kaithleen and I am a recent graduate of the University of California, San Diego. To be honest, this is all so surreal. If you didn’t know, the past three months were spent attending my last quarter at UC San Diego. Since January, I’ve beenContinue reading “goodbye college, hello post-grad”

Paris, Je t’aime: My Study Abroad Experience

Five weeks is a pretty long time. It’s enough to learn and adapt to a new lifestyle. It’s enough to grow and change. It’s enough to fall in love. With a place, that is. At the moment, I am on a plane heading back halfway around the world. I am feeling pretty bittersweet. It’s beenContinue reading “Paris, Je t’aime: My Study Abroad Experience”

21 Things I Learned at 21

Hello World! Contrary to popular belief, I turn 21 years old today.  Yup, it’s true. I stand at 5’1 and I look like a 12-year-old without makeup. This smol girl is now legal. There’s this big ray of energy inside me and I feel so alive! I mean, every day I do. I feel like I’m always a ballContinue reading “21 Things I Learned at 21”