What My First Job Taught Me

Soooo… today was the day! I quit my first job out of college to pursue my next big opportunity. Being a fresh new graduate, this is kinda sorta a big deal. If I’m being honest, this job was the perfect one to start off my career. It introduced me to corporate culture while getting theContinue reading “What My First Job Taught Me”

Hang In There, Buddy

Adulting is hard stuff, but it’s not impossible. It’s truly a process that I myself am still trying to understand and get a hang of. I, of course, am no expert. I have only scraped the surface of this ongoing adventure called life. There’s so much life to live every. single. day. You see, it’sContinue reading “Hang In There, Buddy”


Wow. That’s it. That’s the whole post. I don’t even know where to begin. My time at Create & Cultivate had me at a lost for words. It was truly such an empowering experience for me. Excuse me in advance for using “empowering” 5738982 times in this post. Honestly, it’s the perfect word to describeContinue reading “CREATE & CULTIVATE 2019”