Howdy, Texas: An Austin Travel Diary

“Everything is bigger in Texas” is a statement that is absolutely true!
From big trucks to big BBQ, they got ’em all.

During the recent three-day weekend, I went on a spontaneous getaway to Austin, TX. Austin has been on my radar for a while now. Last spring, my friend Fernando and I wanted to go on a trip to Texas. We were intrigued by Austin particularly. Allured by its nightlife and food scene, we knew we needed to visit! Unfortunately, our trip last spring didn’t work out.

After seeing $30 round trip flights from San Diego to Austin through Frontier Airlines this past October, we knew we had to take advantage of the opportunity! I still remember buying the tickets during work, yikes! It was honestly one of the best spontaneous decisions I have ever made.

Austin was a great intro to Texas. We truly enjoyed the small town feel to this big city. Loved seeing all the people scooting around town. I’ll never forget the BBQ we had. I loved cruising around town to see colorful murals, cute diners, and interesting food trucks. Here are some pics are the trip:

Some of my highlights:

Dirty 6th & Rainey St: Come here for a memorable night out!

Terry’s Black BBQ: A shorter wait than la Barbecue & Franklin’s. Their dry rub was so good. Pretty pricey BBQ but all worth it!

Bat-Watching: Come around sunset to watch bats fly off the bridge. Weird, but just do it.

See you again soon, Austin! Maybe grad school 👀

Until then…



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