2020: The Year of Shine

Cause you know, 2020 vision allllllllll year round.

It’s 2020 and I’m dedicating this the year of shine.

Before the start of a new year, I take the time to reflect and think about a mindset/focus I’d like to have in the upcoming year. This would then become my word of the year.

Last year’s word was: bloom.
2019 was a year where I was able to let the seeds I’ve planted in 2018 grow and flourish. It was a year dedicated to finally seeing projects come to life, pushing myself to try new things, and firmly believing in myself.

For 2020, shine is my word.

This year, I hope to let my talents and passions shine.

I hope to not be afraid to use my voice.
I want this to be the year where I live unapologetically.
I want to be confident in my capabilities.
I want to continue to spread positivity.
I want my love and light to be felt by the people around me.
I want to continue to keep glowing and growing throughout this year.

and if I’m shinin, everybody gonna shine.


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