Thank you, 2019

To the year where I’ve taken huge risks,

To the year of spontaneous decisions,

To the year of choosing to do me,

To the year where I fell in love with life over and over again,

Thank you 2019

2019 brought me a plethora of experiences and knowledge that will continue to act as a foundation for the rest of my 20’s.

I wouldn’t say that this year was slow or fast. However, it felt “full.” Yeah, I think that’s the perfect word.

The person I was the first half of the year is definitely different from who I am now.

The transition into post-grad brought me many emotions and better shaped my view moving forward as I grow and grow and grow.

This year consisted of some of the lowest lows that later on resulted to the highest highs.

I’ve dealt with many rejections, times where I doubted myself, my story, my talents, my potential.

I’ve dealt with lost, both from falling out of relationships to the passing of old friends.

I’ve dealt with betrayal, having difficulty trying to understand the actions of those who do wrong.

I’ve dealt with confusion, questioning my decisions and values.

Despite the struggles this year, 2019 was fruitful in love, professional growth, travel, and creativity.

Love because of the continuous growth of my relationship with my boyfriend, the strengthening of tested friendships, the support from loved ones far away, the exciting beginning for new companions, and the care put into loving myself.

Professional growth because of the chance to experience working my first corporate job out of college, the opportunity to network and meet mentors, the ability to attend conferences that inspire me, and the dream job I’ve always wished for.

Travel because of the long weekends, the road trips, the cheap spontaneous flights, the drunk nights in unfamiliar cities, the souvenirs, and the overpacked carry-ons.

Creativity because of the endless stream of thoughts I want to write, the intricate bullet journal spreads, the witty captions that just stick, and the extraordinary ideas that just seem so cool to think about.

Thank you 2019. You will be missed,

but I’m ready to have 2020 vision. 🙂


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