Hang In There, Buddy

Adulting is hard stuff, but it’s not impossible.

It’s truly a process that I myself am still trying to understand and get a hang of.

I, of course, am no expert. I have only scraped the surface of this ongoing adventure called life.

There’s so much life to live every. single. day.

You see, it’s an interesting concept.

We are put in a bubble that is college. College is great and grand. All of a sudden, we enter the real world in just a snap.

The days in the library are gone and reckless nights of partying have slowly come to an end.

With the closing of that chapter in your life, you have a whole new one to write. Pages and pages of blankness ready to be filled. You have the pen and its your choice on what to write next.

It’s ok not to know, really. That’s still a part of your story.

You can move to a different city and start completely anew. You can move back home and have the presence of your family while you transition into this new life. You can take a gap year and go travel the world. You can go straight to grad school and study something you are truly passionate about. You can get on top of applying for jobs until you find that first opportunity.

The possibilities are endless.

Don’t let society dictate what you need to do.

Society has implanted the belief that in order to be successful you need to find a job straight out of college and then work, work, work, work, work. Did I mention- work? We are programmed think that success is having a job at a top company and being in corporate America.

Success is relative. Success is what you believe makes you happy.

With that, life is going to consist of many successes. Many struggles as well.

Sometimes it is easy to see others and envy what they have.

Maybe they have a job you wished they had. Maybe they own your dream car. Maybe they go on luxury vacations you have always wanted to experience.

However, it is important to remember that with those successes that others may have, there was a journey they had to go through to get there. A journey consisting of challenges that we may never know about.

And so, always remember to value what you have and the story you are currently working on.

You will get that first job. You will get that car. You will get that dream vacation. You will get whatever you set your eye on.

Keep hustling. Keep going.

I believe in you! 🙂


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