Ahhhh Tokyo, I think about you at least three times a week. It’s been nearly two months since my trip and it has been hard to sit down and write this.

Tokyo was such an adventure. There was something new to explore at every corner of the city. With unique neighborhoods of different characters, I felt like I was being transported to new places everyday.

There are so many great things about Tokyo. From the hospitable people to the world-class food, I keep finding more reasons to come back for more.

The design of the city makes it the perfect place to go and explore. With the subway system being fast and clean, it made it easy to get around. Although I don’t know any Japanese, every person we met on the street was friendly and never hesitated to help with directions. From restaurant-lined alleyways to high flying skyscrapers, there were so many sights to see everywhere.

One of the biggest highlights of my trip was of course, the amazing Japanese food. I am always craving soba. I got tonkatsu on my mind all the time. I wish 7/11s in America were like the ones in Japan. One of my favorite things is food so you know when I travel, I go big. Japanese food will now always have a place in my heart.

I would love to come back to Japan to explore the rest of its entirety. Maybe next time, I won’t leave 😉


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