(Actually) Adulting

Hello world! I’m back.

As I am typing this, I am in my new bedroom spending my Friday night with my essential oil diffuser on while listening to Asian Boss Girl’s “Mastering the Art of Adulting” through my vinyl player’s speaker.

Wow, there are so many things I want to reflect on that has happened the past several months.

Hooray! It’s been a good six months of post-grad. Since graduating the past March, it has been quite an interesting time.

Before I get into it, thank you to those sticking with me through this blog. Thank you for reading along as I navigate through this new chapter of my life. I appreciate it 🙂

Last update I made on this new journey was around the time commencement was.

Although that was only three months, it feels like it was a whole universe away.

I know, I know. I sound dramatic, but it’s true!

During the past three months, I’ve seen a lot:

  1. More and more friends moving away from SD
  2. The reality of paying bills
  3. The ongoing process of balance

Ahhhh, balance.

Silly Kaithleen back then thought that with college over, everything would just be chill and relaxing.

However, it’s been such a process trying to find balance in my everyday life.

I’ve always wondered how some adults made it look so easy doing things and fitting everything into 24 hours a day. From waking up early to work out to finding time to cook elaborate meals, I always wondered how people did all these things and still got to bed by 10pm. Oooh boy, I have learned that this person — may not really exist.

You see, this whole time I thought adulthood was all about getting my shit together and knowing what to do. I thought I would have a weekly routine I would commit to. I’d wake up at 5am everyday to do yoga and journal. I’d get home and work out. I’d have a meal ready to go and then I’d knock out.

I’m realizing that some days may be that way, some may not.

Sometimes I end up sleeping in after a late night, barely having time to get ready for work in the morning. Sometimes I get lazy to get myself to the gym. Sometimes cooking can take a while and I’ll end up eating dinner at 10pm. Sometimes I end up staying up watching YouTube videos until 1am and feel screwed for the next work day. And honestly, it’s all ok.

I’m learning that for the rest of my life, it’s going to be trying to find balance and navigating each day differently. I used to think that I missed college because I always knew where I had to be at a certain time and when I had to do things by. However, I love that everyday since then has been unpredictable.

Me, after my 8459303th time at IKEA this summer. Ahhh, I love furniture.

Some days I’m cooking a meal from my recipe book and enjoying it with a glass of wine. Some days I’m ordering take out and just watching Netflix.

Some days I wake up, meditate, and make breakfast before work. Sometimes I oversleep and make it in late.

Some days I find myself penny pinching, collecting coupons to save as much money as I can. Some days I end up impulse buying online.

Everyday has been different. Everyday has been new.

I’m learning to appreciate the beauty of growing up.

These past few months, I’ve finally noticed how I have changed. My mindset continues to mature and I find myself prioritizing certain things that I may have not thought of before.

I’m finding myself trying to find peace in my hectic everyday life. It’s been nice being able to just control the pace of my lifestyle.

I’ve gotten the chance to try new hobbies and find new interests. I got into listening to podcasts. I started to meditate again. I really enjoy interior design (lol but we already knew that.) I love trying out new household essentials. I’ve found myself choosing a night-in, reading over going out clubbing a few times. I’m starting to really enjoy cooking.

Along with that, I’ve been able to truly find my calling.

I traveled the past month and learned so much about what is important to me.

My time abroad solidified my need to constantly be on the move. My desire to always wander.

And so, I’ve realized that where I am now, isn’t where I am going to be forever and I am excited for a change.

I think I get so caught up sometimes about trying to find the perfect opportunity, but realistically, I have a whole life to explore my passions and talents.

I can’t wait to see where all of this takes me.

Cheers to a journey consisting of air-fryers, moments bumping into friends at the grocery store, and PTO.


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