Ahhhh summer road trips! It’s finally my favorite time of the year to travel. The weather in California is beautiful right now, being the perfect time to explore.

I grew up a NorCal girl. All I knew was the Bay until moving down to San Diego for college. I’d like to say I am a SoCal transplant now. There are many things I can appreciate about both. NorCal has my heart but SoCal has given me an amazing experience. Both are unique in their own ways, and are known for very different things. However, Central California also offers a plethora of vacation spots.

My only experience with Central California is the long, gruesome drive down the I-5 between home and San Diego. However, one fateful trip down to Southern California, my family decided to take the scenic route. Back in 2017, we took a drive down Highway 1 (aka Pacific Coast Highway). The drive down was an extensive yet beautiful trip. I had the chance to fully experience the Pacific Ocean, with it being our guide down South. Every glance out of the car window was the view of the bright blue ocean. I loved it! I definitely felt at peace. I also had the chance to check out Bixby Bridge. Quite a sight to see! I have longed to come back ever since.

With the long 4th of July weekend, I wanted to take the time to unwind and go on a short trip! Eugene, Ernest, and I have been wanting to go on a trip in forever. We have been dying for an escape so we packed our bags and drove up the Central Coast.

The spots we visited:

Santa Barbara – UC Santa Barbara, Goleta Beach Park (great place for Sunset!)

San Simeon – Hearst Castle (of course!), San Simeon Pier, Coastal Discovery

Cambria – Drive down the coast and stop at a vista point to watch Elephant Seals

Morro Bay – Morro Rock

San Luis Obispo – try a farm-to-table brunch, Cal Poly SLO, Mission San Luis Obispo, Downtown SLO, Bubblegum Alley, Madonna Inn (Grab a piece of the Pink Champagne Cake)

Pismo Beach – Pismo Beach Pier (walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the nice view of the ocean)

Solvang – Ostrichland (The most unique thing we did during this whole trip!), Little Mermaid (it’s like the one in Copenhagen)

Here are a few photos from our travels:

Overall, this trip was one for the books. It opened my eyes to more of the beauty California has to offer. Next time we plan a trip around the Central Coast, we hope to drive further up to Big Sur as well as explore the various vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley. Whether you are coming from Northern California or Southern California, I recommend you all to take the trip! There are so many spots you can see no matter what direction you are coming from.

‘Til next time, Central Coast!


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