Immerse in a New World at LMNL

You know me… I’m always on the look out for a new interactive museum.

I’ve always loved going to museums. With the new trend of interactive, “Instagrammable” pop-ups, museums have definitely become more accessible and visitor-friendly. Museum-goers now have the chance to actually physically immerse themselves in the art. When going to these museums, the experience of being engulfed and expected to participate makes the art more enjoyable. Of course, I’m no professional Art critic, but these museums have definitely made my museum visits more memorable. That’s the beauty of going digital.

Art meets Tech, creating beautiful creations.

During my recent trip to San Francisco, I had the chance to visit Onedome, an interactive arts & entertainment space. Onedome currently houses two exhibits – The Unreal Garden & LMNL. Thanks to the student discount, I was able to check out both!

The Unreal Garden combines art and virtual reality. Onedome calls this experience, “mixed reality” for there is a physical space present that is decked out in 3D art that is only accessed through a virtual reality headset. Visitors enter a room with a VR headset and from then on are able to activate 3D art pieces with a simple touch or swipe. It’s honestly such an unique experience and I can’t really put what I saw into words.

The more popular exhibit among the two was definitely LMNL. The LMNL is a Labyrinth of Immersive Art that showcases 14 interactive installations that brings together mixed media platforms that include both video and sound. Visitors are able to play with their surroundings, having the power to control their experiences with media and technology.

LMNL definitely provided a plethora of photo-ops. Whether under the beaming, pretty lights or in front of their bold, colorful backdrops, Onedome for sure gave Insta-worthy pictures. I had a fun time and recommend you all to check it out!

Overall, it’s amazing to see how technology has impacted contemporary art.


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