Feelin’ 22

So I guess I’m 22 now?

To be honest, I don’t feel any different. I remember telling myself every birthday after my 21st would just be a “normal” one.

21 was honestly the best year ever. Of course, not to over exagerrate but this year was amazing!

I was able to meet so many great people, gain amazing work opportunities, sharpen my skills in very different settings, immerse myself in different cultures and lifestyles, see the world – the list just goes on and on. I will forever be thankful for the Kaithleen I was at 21 and all she has done.

However, as I start to reflect on the different things coming up for me this year, I realize that 22 is kinda a big deal as well.

You know when you turn 10 and all of a sudden it feels so grand because you’ve finally made it to the two digits. It wasn’t really too big of a difference but it felt special. I feel that way about turning 22.

Thinking about it, 22 is a year of many firsts.

First full-time job, kicking off my post-grad career.

First-time being back home or moving into a new city.

First time doing your adult taxes.

First-time not having to do big exams or having homework to do.

It’s so weird. It’s so liberating.

There’s so many questions I have about being an adult. I feel like I was just a baby. I mean, I still am.

However, I’m so bright-eyed and hopeful entering this new chapter of my life.

Some goals I have this year include

  • Travel solo. Travel everywhere.
  • Read more.
  • Get creative with my cooking.
  • Start learning a new language.
  • Start playing and writing music again.
  • Gain certifications.
  • Upgrade my skincare and haircare.
  • Live more sustainably.
  • Start freelancing.
  • Get outside and be active.

That’s where this blog comes in.

I can’t wait to get this platform up and running like it used to be. With my new found free-time, I can’t wait to use this as a medium for me to continue letting my creative juices flow. I hope to document all that happens as I experience new things, travel to new places, meet new friends, and learn more about myself.

There’s so much love and light in my life and I’m so grateful to be able to be where I am today. It’s going to be such an interesting process these next couple of months. I don’t know where I’ll end up, but it’s super exciting to think about. This is going to be like some epic coming-of-age movie.

Follow me along as I learn how-to-adult.

“Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you.”

Of course, I have to end this post with the anthem for this year of my life.


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