kaithleen at pike


Ahhhh, the Pacific Northwest.

This trip will be something I will always reminisce about.

There’s just something about the environment up there that is so refreshing. Maybe it’s the green that you see wherever you go. With the lush trees and blooming flowers all over the city, I can’t help but fully embrace the beauty of nature even in an urban space.

I had the chance to experience the Pacific Northwest with my boyfriend this past winter break. Beautiful is not enough to sum up the sights and sounds we were able to experience.

I loved Portland’s quirky personality. With the eclectic array of local boutiques and restaurants, Portland is all about cultivating their growing communities. They are all about supporting small businesses and seeing them thrive. Don’t even get me started with the breweries! A fun adventure to do around the city is to explore their various breweries. If you’re not into booze, you can definitely go on a foodieventure and try out their various food carts. Hands-down my favorite food experience was checking out Cartopia. Cartopia is a mini marketplace where various popular Portland food carts are stationed.

Oh, Portland. I appreciated how quaint the city felt. Although it is a big city, it gave me small town vibes. If you’re a major foodie or an avid hiker, Portland is the place to visit.

During our short trip, we were also able to take a quick trip to Seattle. My first impression of the city is that it has an endless selection of things to do. Although we were only there for a day and a half, I fell in love and already down to plan my next trip. While we were there, we busted missions to visit all of the major tourist destinations and go-to spots. Next time I visit, I would definitely love to explore the different districts and experience their nightlife.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip:

See you this summer! I’m already planning my next trip.


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