Waking up in The Netherlands: A Utrecht & Amsterdam Travel Diary

Help! I’ve got a serious case of the travel bug!

I feel sad. Every time I visit a country and leave, it feels so bittersweet. I feel like I tend to fall in love with the places I visit, then feel regretful knowing I have to leave so soon with so much more to explore. I definitely felt this way leaving The Netherlands.

Kysha and I have become such pros at pulling off amazing day trips. You’d think we have learned not to do them from the missions we busted in Berlin and Copenhagen. However, we had only a day in both Amsterdam and Utrecht, so we had to make it a fun and productive one.

After a long day of exploring Disneyland Paris (which I’ll post about soon!), I met up with Kysha for dinner after her trip to Loire Valley to see some majestic castles. After dinner, we went straight to the bus station Saturday night to travel to Utrecht. Honestly, at this point, I don’t know how we were able to pull off doing these trips. After a bumpy ride, we arrived in Utrecht at 5am. Oh boy, I am so glad our Airbnb host turned out to be the sweetest man ever because damn, I wouldn’t have wanted to be up that early for some random strangers. Our Airbnb turned out to be a lovely 1930s style flat that had modern, renovated details. It sure made our stay definitely comfy. After taking a quick nap, we were off to explore what the Dutch have to offer.

Here are some photos from the trip


Utrecht, you have such an alluring charm that made me want to stay.
Amsterdam, your unique atmosphere is indescribable.

I can’t believe I made it to my fourth week here abroad. Stay tuned for my last weekend trip here! If you’ve been to Italy, let me know some of your recommendations in the comments below.


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