Escaping the Hustle & Bustle: A Berlin & Copenhagen Travel Diary

Hello world! Or shall I say… Bonjour!

I can’t believe I did the damn thing. I am actually in Europe and it feels so surreal. Last week was my first week here and boy, it was pretty rough. With the humid weather and the stuffy confusing Metro, I was probably left dehydrated and exhausted every single night. However, the past week has been super eventful and I am very much grateful that I am here. For those of you who don’t know why I am here, I am a part of my university’s Global Seminars program. I will be in the city of light, love, and glamour all of July to study Jazz. So far, being in another country AND continent has been very interesting. With very distinct cultural differences, I am slowly finding my way and adapting to the Parisienne lifestyle.

With three day weekends every week, of course, I had to take advantage. This past weekend, I was able to bust a mission and see TWO countries and TWO cities. It was quite an adventure! Kysha and I were running on 2 and half hours of sleep on Saturday. Honestly, I don’t know how we did it. Planning this trip, we really didn’t think about how going to two would be so tiring. But hey, we did that! Here are some photos I took from my weekend up north in Germany and Denmark


Berlin, you surprised me with your edge. Your food made both my tummy and heart happy. A city that symbolizes continued growth.
Copenhagen, you were what I needed to end the week. A cute, smol city with a dazzling charm. I wish I had more time with you.

I am super stoked for all the other weekend getaways I have lined up. See you this weekend, Barcelona!


kaithleen1 (2)

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  1. darshanakoirala

    Hi Kaithleen, I just came across your blog and from your writing, it seems that you have a bubbly/fun personality – girl, im loving it! Keep at it! Looking forward to reading about your travels!


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