Junior Year Recap

Where did this school year go? It felt like it lasted 20 seconds. Every school year just keeps going by faster and faster.

3 down, 1 more to go

I don’t know how it went by that quickly, to be honest. I still remember moving into my off-campus apartment and learning how to navigate San Diego’s public transportation for the first time. I can’t even process what a rollercoaster third year was for me. Oh my goodness, I can’t even believe I’m entering my last year of college soon.

Junior year was my year of bouncing back. If you followed my old blog or know me personally, second year was very tough. I feel like it’s a common trend, to be honest. First year was all about exploring and enjoying your freedom. Everyone was so carefree and just went by undergrad. All of a sudden, second year hits you with a reality check. Not invalidating my experience, second year tested me in so many ways I couldn’t ever imagine. It made me realize a few things about myself, teaching me to have faith in me always. I definitely leaned into my discomfort, putting too many eggs in my basket I’d like to say (I mean, I love eggs.) When junior year rolled along, all I wanted was to rebuild myself and start anew. Junior year brought that and so much more…

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First off, I would love to show my appreciation for all the dope people I met this year. Whether it be the new friends I met in various clubs I had the chance of trying out or all the younger heads that have become very important to me, the people I have met this year were definitely the main takeaway. I feel like I am finally learning to balance my time with prioritizing spending time with people that I deeply care a lot about. Although some relationships have gone away, I’m glad I have been able to put in energy to those that have shown nothing but love to me.

This year, I was constantly stuck in a whirlwind of school, work, and juggling ways to practice self-care. The summer coming into third year, I started with a transformative mindset that was determined in bettering myself in all aspects of my life. It was great. I started consistently working out, eating right, reflecting, and practicing a good skincare routine. I was all for it. As the school year started to pick up, this mindset lowkey deteriorated. Although I started to be disappointed in myself for a period of time, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Self-improvement can start anytime. Just need to put in the effort and mind into it! Slowly, but surely getting that peace of mind back.

One big lesson I learned this year is “Know your worth and add tax.” This honestly transcends into many facades. There were so many times where I felt that I was underestimated and taken for granted. Whether it be what I can bring to the table or the self-image I have for myself, I found myself constantly doubting and downplaying my experiences. Coming out of this year, I’ve learned that I deserve so much more. The world is mine, just like everyone else.

My relationship with Him improved tremendously. I will always be grateful for the opportunity He has given me to participate in student ministry. Pagasa has kept me grounded this school year, getting me through some of my worst days. I have been able to find my people, creating relationships with peers that I can connect with spiritually. My spirituality has always been important to me, but junior year has finally allowed my spirituality to take flight and reach places I have never thought of. I can’t wait to see the growing impact Pagasa will make on fellow students’ lives.

Oooh another big thing! This year has brought me many opportunities to see many talented musicians and travel to new places around the world. To be honest, I’m so glad I chose to invest more time and money to travel and music. This year, I was able to see the legendary Beyonce. Honestly, probably all I can ask for. I probably peaked, aha. Livin’ my best life! I also got to visit my favorite city (NYC!) two times in one school year. I look forward to more music festivals and travel coming my way this summer and senior year!

Just like every year, third year has been a plethora of ups and downs. It was pretty difficult at times. However, it has allowed me to grow immensely. I look forward to more healing and rebuilding my last year of college. I am so thankful I get to come into my fourth year with Him watching over me and family and friends cheering me on the entire way. I am learning to love the woman I am becoming because honestly, she’s pretty bad-ass.


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