Tips for a Productive Summer

The weather is heating up, the school year is coming to a close…

You don’t know what to do?

Stay productive this summer! Though you may be relaxing and unwinding after a hectic school year, there are still ways to keep you occupied & never bored. Don’t have many plans? Keep yourself busy! It’s the perfect time to work on yourself. You can gain experience outside of the classroom.

Don’t have summer school? Here are some ways to get outside the house this summer:
Non-profit organizations, summer camps, and gardens are some groups that tend to look for volunteers during the sunny months. Not only are you outside the house and on your feet, you’re giving back to your community!
This is an obvious one. What’s great about summer is that you can finally put in the hours for a full-time job/internship. Not only are you getting paid, you’re learning essential skills that can help you with a long-term job in the future. With internships, you can explore different career options and get a feel of what you want to do later on. It’s important to start looking for a job/internship a few months leading up to summer to ensure you’ll get a position!
Work on a project
Can’t score a job or internship for the summer? You can still enhance your creative and technical skills by drafting up a side project you can work on all summer long! This could be creating a portfolio, professional website, a book, or maybe even a prototype of something. The possibilities are endless. For me, I will be just be working on getting this blog back up and running.
Polish your resume and cover letter
To be honest, I don’t even know how many times I’ve done that. Have things on your resume that date back all the way to freshman year of high school? It’s time for an edit! Keep your resume updated, so when you plan on applying for jobs and internships, it’ll be ready to go! Never written a cover letter before? There are many resources online you can check out to get that perfect cover letter! While you’re at it, get yourself noticed on LinkedIn!
Take a course and get certified
Always wanted to try a different field?  Want to stand out? There are certifications available online. Some are even free! Last summer, I earned my certification in Content Marketing from HubSpot. It definitely introduced me to new concepts and skills that I can apply to my future career. This summer, I will be working on my Fashion Industry Essentials certification through an online rogram led by Teen Vogue and the Parsons School of Design. You can also include your certification on your resume, making you an even more competitive job applicant!
Get back into shape
College can definitely affect your health. With sleepless nights to stress eating, the college lifestyle makes it hard to be fit. During the summer, there is so much free time to get back on a healthier track. Take advantage of the time and get active!
DIY (Do-It-Yourself)
I’ve been doing DIY projects every summer since I discovered them on YouTube. Try new things and get innovative! Yesterday, I went to the Goodwill and bought jeans to transform into high-waisted shorts. DIY projects are fun and affordable. They definitely fit the college budget!
Get back to reading
I don’t think I’ve read anything for fun in ages. Making a visit to my local bookstore was so exhilarating! There were so many novels I wanted to read. What’s great about reading for leisure is that you’re exercising your mind while exploring something you genuinely enjoy. Bye bye, textbooks!
I am an advocate for going outside and trying new things in your hometown. Every time I go back to the Bay, there are so many new places I want to visit. Grab some friends and check out Yelp for those Hot and New locations. It’s always a fun time traveling! You can even revisit places you used to go to! Plan a special trip with your friends and experience new cultures.
I am super stoked for this summer. I will be studying abroad in Paris during the month of July and going to various music festivals until the next school year begins.

What are your summer plans?


kaithleen1 (2)


  1. Just M.E.

    This was so helpful and I have a bunch of different plans. I had a conference, I’m working on two classes, working a camp, and training to end off my summer. What are your plans?


    1. kvithleen

      Hi! I will be participating in a monthlong Jazz in Paris program. I’m super excited because I grew up super into music. When I get back, I will be interning for a PR agency and taking classes. I will be going to various concerts as well! Pretty packed summer, but it’s going to be a gr8 one 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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