Back & Better

Hello there! If you’re new, hi! I’m Kaithleen, nice to meet you.

In honor of my 21st birthday, I wanted to begin this new year with a bang. I have been thinking about this for a while now. As much as I love “Sincerely, Kaithleen,” I wanted to venture out and create a website for me to not only use as a blog, but as a professional portfolio as well. I thought it would be momentous and somewhat symbolic if I launched this new domain and website because well, it’s a whole new chapter of my life. These past few weeks, I have been reflecting a lot about my past experiences growing up. Needless to say, I am kinda… stoked, yet anxious.

I remember the night I turned 18. Lil Kaithleen was so fearless and ready to take on the world, with her tiara, of course. 18 just seemed so cool! Growing up, my parents always talked about throwing a grand debut for me and how much turning 18 meant to our culture. 18 meant I was finally a lady– “dalaga ka na!” 18 meant that I was stepping into adulthood. 18 meant I would feel like one of those heroines in those young adult, coming of age stories I used to read in high school. Damn, 18 felt like it was the prime age to just do whatever. You could say I was pretty naive. Nonetheless, I feel like I’ve grown tremendously since my 18th birthday. I’ve become more independent, apologetic, and fierce. Thanks to those who were there to witness this growth.

Although I know I am still quite young and the real world basically just started for me, I wanted to use this blog as a platform for me to branch out as a writer. “Constant Wanderlust” and “Sincerely, Kaithleen” will always have a place in my heart, of course. Flashback to my days on Blogger and Tumblr, too! All these platforms mean a lot to me. These blogs helped me step out of my comfort zone. These blogs motivated me to embark on the most outrageous adventures. These blogs were there for me when I felt alone and wanted a place to share my feelings when I thought I did not have anywhere else to go. As dramatic as it sounds, it’s all true.

Here’s to the beginning of a new era. Cheers to fucking it up as a legal adult. Like what my esteemed idol once said,

Good luck on them 20 somethings. God bless these 20 somethings. — SZA

I lowkey chuckled. SZA is honestly, truly an icon.

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for reading. I hope you stay along for the ride. 🙂


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